Review of The Mirror Held Up in Darkness by J. Karl Bogartte

With the sonorous flow of words romantically postured, mysticism is made sensual with self-aware emblems of the subconscious mind. This world is alive some place in the hypnagogic realm where these explorations of the map of mind are intimately discovered and questioned by each sense: sight, taste, touch, smell, and sound. Amongst uninhibited mind flow there exists in its treasury diamonds, many diamonds in words that are its fertile soil. You’ve got to admire the devoted romanticism of the author to the immaculate She of all muses, that is continuously referenced in what seems to be a long sensual romance amongst the backdrop of a surrealist landscape that begs to honor the immaculate She. How lovely it must be to be the muse of this Author’s affections- illustrated in mystery and mystique. Last to mention, there is the mythological visualization that reels in your minds eye and flows like a rain droplet to a pool.

It is truly extraordinary reflective work, and necessary reading for the blooming surrealist looking to understand the lengths language can go.

“She follows the spores of an optical illusion like one enchanted, and everything flowers in her path… an obscure bodice of solar flares bringing in the sleepwalkers who gather in the yards and living rooms of those not walking, and not sleeping.” -J Karl Bogartte


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