Review of Gnosis by Lenina Crowne (bravenewford)

Picture belonging to Lenina Crowne

This album is such a divine, unparalleled work of art. It seeps spirituality from each of its crevices, and is so unbelievably up my alley in every sense. It brings to mind the breaking free of Samsara, the tresses of heaven, God as a woman, and the combing of soft wool. I will keep it close to my heart and play it often as i’m burning palo santo or sage, and having a daily ritual where i unwind my soul. Although it is intrinsically unique, it brings to mind holy music with a sick twist in some songs reminiscent of artists such as Grimes, Nicole Dollanganger, Akira Yamaoka, and CocoRosie, yet leaks into a genre of its own entirely. I'm in love with every inch of it. Lenina is a holy talented being in embryo, and I cant wait to see her artistic soul blossom further.

Favorite track: aêiti and daēva

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