Review of BADMOTORFLAPPER by Joseph P. O'Brien


Joseph P. O’Brien’s BADMOTORFLAPPER is a homage to decadent womanhood, with surrealist style illustration of the suffering and heroism of 20th century stardom. This publication reminds one of the urgency of an era, recollecting dames of centuries passed and the backbone behind their beauty. All paying tribute to the past indiscretions of great and tortured minds. Written both eloquently and at times humorously, O’Brien captures the ins and outs of womanhood perfectly with each height and plummet, bringing to light the struggles these women endured for fame, vanity, equality, and personhood. There are many different plays on form within the text, painting an entire cornucopia of sentimental remembrance. The countless range of style, voice and language fully expresses the complete ability O’Brien possesses for each genre and form. Even first person perspective is experimented with, showing how intimately the author knows the endurances and stories behind these women. The mention of such classic and ornate beauties leaves one yearning, intrigued, and cautious to learn more. After this excavation I am eager to emerge myself in the worlds Joseph O’Brien births within the rest of their work, interested to know the history behind their own fascination with anachronism. This Zine will be one I carry with me on my adventures to read a passage from when I crave inspiration.

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