Review of The Mirror Held Up in Darkness by J. Karl Bogartte

With the sonorous flow of words romantically postured, mysticism is made sensual with self-aware emblems of the subconscious mind. This world is alive some place in the hypnagogic realm where these explorations of the map of mind are intimately discovered and questioned by each sense: sight, taste, touch, smell, and sound. Amongst uninhibited mind flow there exists in its treasury diamonds, many diamonds in words that are its fertile soil. You’ve got to admire the devoted rom

Review of Aurora Linnea's Pariah Zines

Each zine in the Pariah series has its own essence of hollow, longing to diagnose the differentiated in a whirling maddening spiral that is an endless pesky hysteria that begs to be described, understood, divined by art. It is starving of the soul for act of raw, uninhibited mind flow- brain neurosis cut up and choppy coded on to split parchment, the writer walks through the zines with a curious and caring sentiment for each anonymous feminine protagonist. The Zines are an il

Review of Yucky Puppy Parables: Volume 1 by Aurora Linnea

Telling an odd, intricate and unique story of a girl losing her footing in sanity, not only does Aurora Linnea have a lyrical way with words and a scholars gift of description, but the ability to illustrate a scene unfolding on the page as it develops fluent with feeling, color, touch and movement. Form has always been another strong suit of Linnea's as demonstrated as well in her other work This Mutilated Woman's head. Her means of telling a story proceeds past traditional d

Review of BADMOTORFLAPPER by Joseph P. O'Brien

Joseph P. O’Brien’s BADMOTORFLAPPER is a homage to decadent womanhood, with surrealist style illustration of the suffering and heroism of 20th century stardom. This publication reminds one of the urgency of an era, recollecting dames of centuries passed and the backbone behind their beauty. All paying tribute to the past indiscretions of great and tortured minds. Written both eloquently and at times humorously, O’Brien captures the ins and outs of womanhood perfectly with eac

Review of Heroin & Sugar-Cane: They all call me baby by Giana Angelillo

Heroin & sugar cane: they all call me baby is a raw, explicit documentation of the life of an addict, the scrounging and the longing preserved so perfectly within the text. It is profoundly female, mildly unnerving, and psychologically enticing. Each behavior is noted in alluring and poetic detail. It is in a stream of consciousness format, each page rich with truth. The way in which it is written is choppy, but in a complementary manner, it all seems to be filtered by the un